Jummah Box

Give A Loan To Allah

Please help raise the much needed weekly expenses for our Darul Huda Masjid. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Masjid hit hard financially and Masjid is in need of everyone’s support during these tough times. You can be a part of this noble cause for our Snellville community. Allah SWT will reward you for it seventy times during this month of Ramadan, reserve a place in Jannah for yourself and your families by helping to keep the Masjid running.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity (hardship, difficulty, sickness).” [Tirmidhee]

Darul Huda Masjid was established to cater to the spiritual and religious needs of a small community of Muslims in Snellville, GA. Now the small Muslim community has morphed into a diverse group of about 500 homes. The Muslim community here turns to the Masjid Darul Huda for their religious and spiritual, as well as social, needs. The Masjid has served their needs for about 15 years now. Five time Salah is regularly held in the Masjid. During Ramadan, there are special congregational prayers of Taraweh. The Holy Quran is also taught and learned here. The Quran is memorized (Hifz) and learnt with Tafseer under the Masjid’s auspices. Not only has it been a place of prayer, it has also been involved in relationship counseling. We believe that bringing good faith among a husband and wife is one of the most virtuous deeds. Also, the Masjid identifies deserving families in the community and after a thorough interview process, gives them financial aid in the shape of Zakat and Sadaqah. From time to time, many entertaining youth programs are also organized to appeal to the young generation towards the Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (the right path).
As Masajid has always been expected to be, this one also aids in introducing Muslim brothers to one another and to create life-long friendships among them.
You can be a part of this noble process by donating as much as you can to pay for the masjid’s weekly expenses. Surely Allah will reward you for it seventy fold. This Ramadan, reserve a place in Jannah for yourself by helping to keep the Masjid running.