“And of His signs is that He has created for you, from yourselves, mates, so that you may repose in them. And He has set between you genuine love and mercy. Indeed, in this there are sure signs for those who reflect.”
(Qur’an, 30:21)

Islam desires that the nikkah be announced in public so people are aware it. One method of informing people of the nikkah and also to share the happiness brought by the union of the husband and wife is by conducting the nikkah in the masjid. Darul Huda Foundation provides nikkah services for Muslims according to Islamic teachings of marriage principles.


1. Carefully read and understand all guidelines listed below.
2. Complete the application form.
3. Once submitted, our office will contact you via email to confirm the requested date and time.
4. In order for the Masjid to perform any Nikkah, you must make a confirmed appointment in advance for the nikkah with the Imam.
5. Pay the $500 service fee.
6. A valid legal marriage license is required. This can be obtained from your local county probate court.
7. Bring the following documents on the day of the nikkah:
1. Marriage license from the local County office
2. Valid photo IDs of both bride and groom
8. Nikkahs are usually performed after congregational Salah. For other times, please contact the Imam.
9. Both the bride and groom should be Muslims. A Muslim wali and 2 Muslim witnesses are required for the Nikkah to be complete.
10. If one or both of the individuals have been previously married, you are required to inform the Imam before the time of your Nikkah.

Note 1: Darul Huda will provide one of its resident scholars to perform the nikkah.

Note 2 : Upon receipt of the completed marriage license by the local Count’s office, they will retain the official marriage certificate for their records. If you would like a copy of your marriage certificate, you must contact the County Clerk directly and request one. (This request form is usually provided along with the marriage license).

Note 3: Providing false or inaccurate information may result in a void Nikkah. The Masjid will not be held responsible if pertinent information is withheld at the time of Nikkah.

• No photography or video of any type is allowed in the Masjid.
• No food or sweets is to be distributed inside the prayer hall. Boxed sweets can be given on the way out.
• The sister’s section is completely separate. Women will only be able to hear the nikkah proceedings but will not be able to see it.
• We recommend that the nikkah be booked a minimum of four weeks prior to the planned date.
• The nikkah is performed in the main prayer hall.
• The prospective couple may obtain a marriage license from their county office.
• Darul Huda will keep a copy of the official marriage license for its records.
• We require the presence of two Muslim male witnesses for the groom and a guardian (wali) for the bride.
• The bride’s father is considered to be a guardian (wali) of the bride by default. In the absence of the father, the representative scholar from Darul Huda performing the nikkah will guide the future couple to possible alternatives depending on circumstances.
• With consultation and approval of the bride, the groom will offer, in writing, the dowry (mahr) to the bride. The amount of the dowry will be recorded on the marriage certificate.
• The details of the nikkah will be recorded on a document which will be signed by the bride, groom, guardian (wali), and the witnesses.
• The official marriage license will be signed by the representative Darul Huda scholar performing the nikkah.
• Darul Huda reserves the right to refuse the performance of a nikkah without reason. However, the possibility of this occurring is very low, especially if the above rules are adhered to and proper protocol is followed

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